Dating/Life Coaching

 Living your best personal and professional life requires intentional self-reflection and continual personal development. Even at our best, however, we all have blind spots that prevent us from seeing the whole picture of our lives and the thoughts, habits and behaviors that hinder our growth. The same is true of our friends and family. While loved ones may have the best intentions, they often lack the discernment to appropriately analyze and deliver actionable advice. So, who do we turn to for unbiased evaluation and expertise? A life coach of course!

Are you ready to level up in the love game? Or just need a mindset revamp? I have limited 1-on-1 coaching available

Dating Coaching

I work with you to give you a complete overview of your dating life as it stands, and highlight areas for improvement (where are you going wrong?). I help you to understand what you truly want and need from a relationship, and where to find it. I will also help you heal from past relationship traumas so you can learn to trust again.

Mindset Coaching

This is for people who just feel like their entire life is out of control and not going anywhere. For people at the end of their tether and are sick of the way things are in their lives. Whether it’s finance, health, dating or addiction you can absolutely change your life, no matter who you are – and I can help! Sometimes all we need is someone on the outside to see our lives from the outside and steer us back on course. I help you with:

Goal identification and prioritization

Cultivating and transitioning to a new identity

 Support and partnership

*for any medical advice you will need to discuss with your doctor

Self- Love Coaching

I believe that self-love, or lack thereof is the major driving factor behind general life satisfaction. Let me help you realise how valuable and amazing you are through my years of counselling and personal experience.

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