Bethany Hiska

Dating and Relationship Coach

Who am I?

I am a lot of things actually, TV Reporter, Vocal Coach, Wife and Mother. But who am I in regards to the dating world? Let’s put it this way. I spent years of my life making really dumb decisions that centred around men and relationships. I let those relationships define who I was, my self worth and every aspect of my life. As I got older and my heart got more and more broken, I decided I had had enough. I spent years researching why I was the way I was, and after completing a diploma in Relationship and Self Care Counselling, I met a lot of women along the way who felt the same way I did. 

Often, these women felt this way about themselves because of a parent, usually the father. We joke about ‘Daddy Issues’, but they are are a real thing and nothing to joke about or make light of. Our early relationship with our father or father figures can have a profound effect on our dating life in the future – once you realise that and start putting the pieces of the puzzle together, you can make amazing progress. 

I have helped a lot of men and women get their lives back and start to love themselves through my counselling and coaching services. In order to help people in all corners of the globe, I decided to write a book, basically cramming all my years of experience and knowledge into one, handy bible of self care!

I hope you find the book, and this website, helpful. If you do, share it with your friends and they can hop on the self love train with you and leave all the shitty, toxic relationships behind. 

Bethany x

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