Are You The Fly That Keeps Hitting The Window?

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For years now, I have been intent on starting my own business. I have started and failed at many businesses, spent so much money, but learned a lot along the way. I’ve spent almost every single day consumed with how I can be my own boss, so that I can have the lifestyle I want and be at home with my babies whenever I choose. I want that freedom for myself and my family.

People say that I am doing too much, that I am overdoing everything and I’m going to burn out. I have been living like this for so long that I have convinced myself that I thrive on action, having no time and no sleep and being immersed in the creation of my next business idea.

It’s only in the last few months that I have been meditating every day and taking a step back. Trying to look after myself and give myself a break. I have achieved so much even though the odds were against me since childhood, and that is success to most people!

Something interesting happened to me during my meditation today, that I think is worth sharing. I was letting my thoughts fly by as I usually do, not entertaining them but just acknowledging they were there. Thoughts of my next venture and how I would market it etc – the usual – and I received a vision of a fly furiously banging it’s head against a window in a panic, trying to get out. The fly didn’t know this, but there was another open window just to it’s right, where it could easily fly through, it just wasn’t resting enough to see it. This was an analogy I have heard before, but it came to me with such clarity in my meditation.

I realised that God, or my guides or higher self (whatever you want to call it), was telling me to let go. Maybe owning a business just isn’t meant for me? Maybe my success comes in a different form, but I never relax enough to allow what is meant for me? This was profound. I now know that I can relax, have faith and go towards what feels good and right instead of trying to force it.

So now I am excited to be living in grateful relaxation, leaving all the stress to a higher power. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

If you are stressing about your future or trying to force something, maybe you just need to relax and let the answer come to you? Don’t try and force it. If you have to use blood, sweat and tears with little joy, it’s probably not meant for you.

Bethany x

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