5 Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

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A healthy, happy marriage is key to a fulfilling life. Your closest relationship is the one that has the biggest influence on how you feel and function in every day life.

Marriage takes work, and it’s easy to let things slide and take things for granted when you’re juggling work, kids and life in general. So today I have put together a list on how to keep your husband happy!

  1. Keep The Romance Alive

Dress up in something sexy every once in a while, light some candles or run a bath and soak together with a glass of champagne. Hold each others hands and make time for date nights with just you two. Keeping the romance alive is so important, and yes, this also means keeping the sex interesting and spontaneous sometimes. This benefits both of you!

2. Give Him his Personal Space

Everyone needs personal space sometimes. It can become a habit to just be around each other all the time, and this leads to too much familiarity and taking each other for granted. Do your own thing and let him hang with his mates, hog the telly or whatever he likes to do by himself. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You’ll find you come back refreshed and appreciating the time you do have together.

3. Cook His Favourite Meal

This may seem outdated, but I still believe in the old-school saying that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach! Make his favourite meal once in a while, when he least expects it. Add a dessert in there too for good measure, again, this also benefits you because you get dessert too (yusssss!).

4. Speak Kindly

I know from personal experience that being overwhelmed with jobs to do around the house can lead you to nag your partner about the weight he is not pulling. Just be aware of your language and the tone you are using when you ask him to do things that, lets face it, he should be doing without being asked – but isn’t 🙂

5. Take Interest In His Hobbies

Yes, most of us would literally rather watch paint dry than a cricket game, but if he loves it, try and love it too. Even just for one game. Learn some facts about his favourite sport or hobby and involve yourself in a day or two of related activities. Focus on the parts you do enjoy and who knows, you may find yourself genuinely having fun!

I hope this has given you some insight into some ways you can make your hubby feel appreciated and loved, We all need that! A successful marriage is reliant on communication, love and effort. Remember why you married this man, and reignite your love for him.

Bethany x

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