Coping With Stress During Covid

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We have all been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic in some way. It has affected us all around the world emotionally, physically and financially. When it first started I thought it was like something out of a sci-fi movie, it was scary and new, something our generation hasn’t really had to deal with before.

Who would’ve thought two years ago that we wouldn’t be able to fly overseas or even interstate for a holiday?! Or that we had to wear masks over our faces and keep our distance from each other and sign in whenever we went to the shops. It’s insane! No wonder people went crazy stockpiling supplies.

Feelings of stress, frustration, despair and loneliness in wake of the pandemic are very real for us. For two whole years it’s been extremely volatile, we can’t really book any getaways or even get married without stress (trust me, I got married in the middle of it all and it was extremely challenging!).

Here are some things you can do to reduce the stress of living with Covid.

  1. Acknowledge That Your Feelings Are Ok

It’s perfectly ok to feel all the things you’re feeling. It’s not natural for us as humans to be locked up, monitored and forced to put things into our body. Give yourself a break and give yourself time to mentally adjust to the new world. Trust that everything is being done for our safety and benefit. Thinking otherwise is just a rabbit hole of despair and doesn’t solve anything.

2. Stick To A Routine

To give yourself a sense of control, keep to a routine. Eat, exercise and sleep at around the same times each day. Breaking your day up into blocks and smashing goals, however small, will really help you to cope and feel more in control of your life.

3. Stay Connected

Stay connected to family and friends, even if it’s just by phone or social media. Spend time talking and laughing with others. Join online book groups or Facebook groups that you’re interested in.

4. Learn Something New

Start a new hobby, listen to a podcast, read books or take online classes. Stimulate your mind. You may find an interest to leads to a little side biz that can also help with the financial strain of the pandemic!

Remember we are all in this together. Listening to all the negative news and conspiracy theorists is not going to help you either. I believe in being informed, but with the internet you can never really know what is truth and what isn’t, so spending lots of mental energy on negative and scary opinions is rarely useful.

Take it easy, give yourself a break and make sure you have little achievable goals you can set for yourself so you always have something to look forward to. It’s the small wins that make all the difference

Stay safe

Bethany x

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