How To Sing Like A Pro!

I believe that singing can be an amazing way to express emotions and deal with trauma, I know it definitely has been therapeutic for me. Vocal training is something I have done with clients for a long time. Ever wondered how to sing like a pro?

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a singer! I took many singing lessons over the years but my voice just wasn’t quite strong enough to break into the market.

A few years ago I found a brilliant vocal coach and spent months with him training my voice in an entirely new way using scales and warm ups – he explained we were training my voice muscles, just like training my other muscles in the gym.

After only 6 weeks of doing this weekly, I noticed my voice was stronger, more in tune and I could hold notes longer. It was amazing. Not long after that I got a job in TV and Radio, and eventually released 4 songs of my own (search ‘Bethany Hiska’ on Spotify or iTunes to listen).

This was so life-changing for me that I wanted to share it with people I knew, and I got my vocal coach to teach me so I could teach other people. I have been teaching people from my studio for several years, but since the pandemic, I had to create my lesson via video so my clients could learn from home.

My dream is to help people train their voices so they can be better singers and speaker and have more confidence to do what they love in front of people. I hope you can be one of the many people I have helped to do that.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try – check it out HERE

Bethany x

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