Yes Daddy – an interview with FKC Health

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the amazing Frederick Krasey about my book coming out in the next few months ‘Yes Daddy – Why You Choose Assholes and How To Stop Fixing’

Freddy was my marriage counsellor when I was married to my first husband. He saw first hand what I went through and his life was also drastically affected by this man in the years afterwards in ways I can’t discuss due to legal proceedings.

Through all that we have been through with that man, we have come out friends that are intent on helping others escape these kinds of people and start living their best lives, so it is an honour that I get to come full circle and discuss this with him.

I discuss a bit about my history and my reasons for writing the book as well as some exercises you can do to build your self love (and things to look for in a partner).


Bethany x

Watch The Interview Here

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