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I am creating this page because every time someone googles ‘Bethany Hiska Husband’ (which is apparently googled a lot haha!) it comes up with a picture of me and someone I do not under any circumstances want to associate myself with. Someone who has tried to ruin my life for several years, someone who was the catalyst for me starting this blog. So I’m hoping this will come up instead eventually, my ACTUAL husband. My amazing, unicorn of a man whom I love dearly. My J.

I’ve just been told I need 2500 words for this to rank, so let me go into a little bit about our relationship. I was a single mother of 3 little boys when I came across his Instagram a few years ago. He had lived here in Adelaide years earlier, and was a friend of a friend. I started really enjoying the posts he would make, not only of his amazing strength and stone-lifting abilities, but his intelligence and love of nature and mountains. In true Instagram creep stalker fashion, I started liking all his pics and sending him random responses to his stories.

At first, by his own admission, he was cautious and suspicious…’what does this girl want from me?’, but eventually we started up a conversation and I realised that not only was he intelligent, sexy and strong – he also lived in New Zealand. Fuck.

Undeterred by the fact that it was very unlikely to turn into anything more, we started chatting every day which eventually led to daily phone calls and very strong friendship. I remember one of our early phone calls after chatting every day for a few months, he stated that he would never date a woman with kids again, would never move to Australia (it’s too hot and dry and….brown) and that this was likely never going to amount to anything. I said ‘I’m coming to New Zealand then, and we will see’. Not stalker-ish at all!

Nek Minnit – I was on a plane over the dutch, and met a very cautious and nervously awaiting J at the airport.

I think I have met my word count now, the rest is history really, we had many ups and downs, visits between countries and lots of phone sex – but now we are together and it’s the best decision I ever made. I love you, man!

Bethany x

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  1. I hope it works! I’ve read that for a WP blog post to get indexed in Google, it has to be 2500+ words, so that might be worth trying, too.

  2. Thank you! I will try that

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