The Sex Boomerang

The sex is good. I mean, triple O goood….that nasty, lusty, slamming-against-the-wall good. There’s only one catch – he’s a complete asshole. Emotionally unavailable, rude and someone you just KNOW your mum will dislike immensely.

He makes you second guess yourself, makes you feel weak and desperate. You’re 99% sure he is having sex with other women and he never stays the night (or if he does, it’s because he’s drunk). Sounds like a keeper, huh? So what do you do?

You kick him to the curb obviously! Only… don’t. Because, well, the SEX.

When you are with him, you feel alive. Your whole body shakes afterwards and you’re walking like a baby giraffe taking it’s first steps, sliding around in bodily fluids like an ice skater in ignorant bliss. You feel taken care of, satisfied and sexy. So it’s no wonder you keep going back. The only thing is – is it worth the piece of you that disappears every time he leaves? That slightly used feeling, the feeling of abandonment.

Haha – I can hear you girls saying ‘BuT I’m UsInG HIM FoR sEx ToO’ and girl, that may be true, but it still doesn’t erase that feeling completely unless you’ve convinced yourself that you are entirely unworthy or incapable of love (which is not true, and if you think either of those things then keep reading my blog please).

The truth is, good sex is scarce yes – but you don’t want to be depriving yourself of meeting another guy who actually provides all the rest of the things you need like respect, love and care, because you’re too busy boomerang-ing (if that wasn’t a word before, it is now) the flirty bartender that can make you squirt like a fire hose.

You will find that the more respect and care you have for yourself, the less these men will be appealing to you. They treat you like this because you let them! Cold turkey the bastard and take care of it yourself until you find someone worthy of you. Delete their number from your phone and well, try not to get drunk for the first 3 months so you don’t relapse (booty call anyone?)

Bethany x

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