You Are Your Own Kind of Beautiful

As you scroll through Instagram aimlessly, being bombarded with images of perfect, rich amazing celebs and influencers with their perfect bodies, symmetrical faces, amazing husbands, range rovers and holiday snaps – do you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach? That clenching, sinking feeling that it’s not fair, why do some people have everything while you are left feeling, well….inadequate. Not good enough. You are not alone.

The truth is, there will always be someone prettier, smarter, luckier and skinnier than you. In your mind anyway. What people (especially women) don’t realise, is that you are your own kind of beautiful.

I have always been the kind of person that is drawn to and attracted to all sorts of different looking people. I have dated women and men that some people may see as ‘unattractive’ and I’ve dated the opposite. The thing is, I see beauty in everyone. That’s not me trying to toot my own horn, I genuinely think everybody is beautiful in their own way.

You may have noticed that it doesn’t matter how stunning someone is on the outside, if they are a shit person they somehow seem less appealing. That’s because there is a different kind of beauty that radiates from the inside. A quiet confidence, a loving kindness or drive to succeed. A person who gets back up again and remains positive even through the darkest of days. A person who can make you laugh until you pee a little (they are the best kind). You see, conventional Instagram beauty is nice, but it’s everywhere. No-one else is you.

You are the only you that exists in this entire world. I assure you, there are things about you that are so gorgeous to people that you would have no idea about. It may be a freckle on the side of your mouth, the way your eyes crinkle when you laugh, the way you move – anything. There is no such thing as ugly.

Look in the mirror and fall in love with what you see. You are one fine piece of tail. I can assure you that when you’re a good person on the inside, it shows, and it’s beautiful.

Bethany x

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