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How To Deal With A Busy Boyfriend

Are you dating someone who is extremely busy? Do you want more time with them but every time you ask, you feel as though you are annoying them or asking too much? Being with someone who has limited time can feel very lonely sometimes. Here are some tips so you can make a decision whether […]

What I Love About My Parents

The nature of my book means that I had to write about what went wrong in my childhood, in order to make people feel comfortable enough to relate to me. What I put in that book had nothing to do with revenge or trying to make my parents feel guilty, it was simply necessary to […]

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Are You The Fly That Keeps Hitting The Window?

For years now, I have been intent on starting my own business. I have started and failed at many businesses, spent so much money, but learned a lot along the way. I’ve spent almost every single day consumed with how I can be my own boss, so that I can have the lifestyle I want […]

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